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Bronycon 2014 - Card Deck by Rattlesire Bronycon 2014 - Card Deck by Rattlesire

My MLP card deck that I’m going to be selling at Bronycon 2014 came in today! I’m pretty okay with how they turned out (I’m never 100% convinced of my work, naturally). There are 54 unique images with the Princesses covering Aces, Villains as Kings and Queens and a slew of background favorites. This deck took me forever to make @_@.

There will only be ten copies of these available at Bronycon, so if you want one, you’ve got to be at Table 305 when you can! While a lot of you have expressed taking pre-orders, I cannot do so for you. I have also had a lot of folks requesting that I make these available to purchase online, but that will solely depend on how well the demand is at Bronycon.

If everything goes well, I hope to be bringing a unique deck, with new card backs and designs every year Bronycon is available for me to go to.

Hope you enjoy them!

Tavor--21 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
So long as plans hold up, expect a purchase here. I rarely buy anything for myself, but this is one thing that I will definitely like to purchase.
Merc-Phantomblade Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
I do hope they sell well, id like a purchase but online is really my only option.
Since im a Broke Ass.
Said reason above is also why your package is still on my living room table. many apologies itll be there soon.
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